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If you have 0-3 years of tech experience and you are going to apply for the position of python developer or if you are starting to create a project with python, then you need to know some main language concepts.

Python is a programming language that is general purpose, flexible, and efficient. Since it is succinct and easy to read, it is a perfect first language. Python will do anything you want to do. Python is the language for you, from web creation to machine learning to data science.

Why is it that we love Python Programming:
  • Terrific first language
  • Wide group for programming
  • Excellent documents online
  • Endless Packages and Collections
  • Popularity world-wide
  • Strong and versatile

The most important and frequently asked subjects in python interviews are found below.

At the end of this blog, there are some amazing links to learn and master Python.

  1. Different Python Data Structures
    1. List
    2. Tuple
    3. Dictionaries
    4. Sets
  2. The valid key types and properties in the dictionary.
    1. How to iterate a dictionary
  3. Zip function
  4. What is the difference between arrays and lists in python?
  5. String manipulation operation
  6. String slicing operation
  7. Local variables
  8. Global variables
  9. Regex
  10. List comprehension
  11. Lambda functions
  12. Filter, map, reduce functions
  13. Decorators
  14. Generators
  15. Exception handling
  16. Files input and output
  17. Deep and shallow copy
  18. Memory management in python
  19. Modules in python
  20. _init_
  21. *args, **kwargs
  22. Multithreading

The official documentation of Python is very precise and coherent, so it would be useful to understand the above concepts. But if you’re someone who visually understands more than reading, then here are some helpful links,

For all programming/python beginners:

Important data structures in python:

Comprehensions: Python Comprehensions
Generators in Python: Python generators
Decorators: [Python decorators]
Multiprocessing in python: multiprocessing
File operations: Input/Output operations

The definitions of these concepts can be quite clear; however, to really use them in your projects, you will need to comprehend them excessively. The interviewers also ask difficult questions that can be answered only if you thoroughly understand the concepts.

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