Contributor Guidelines


Are you willing to contribute content to ?

Currently we are accepting original content/articles written by students and field experts in the field of Data Science/ AI/ Deep Learning/ Machine Learning and Programming Language (Python & R). At we would love to share your article to The Engineer Guy Community.

Some Suggested Topics:

  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Word limit: 500-1000 words.


You can contribute as many articles you want but we can not compromise with content quality so please submit a few articles in the ideal case. For quality and clarity, we may need to edit your article but we will try to keep it as original as possible. If you use any image in your article please make sure that it is royalty-free.

Are you ready to submit your article?

If you are ready to publish your article please email us at [email protected].

Please note that:

  • Article you have submitted should be original.
  • All graphics you have used should be original or if you are using any graph or image form any research paper there should be proper citations.
  • If in you article, any code from GitHub has been used then make sure to cite them properly with giving proper source link.
  • Important: After your article has been published at you can only post it at your personal medium account only after one week with not more than 50% of the content, with a “READ FULL ARTICLE” link to article.

Thank you so much for sharing your content!!