When it comes to learning the python programming language, I get excited. And yes, there are many online Python Programming resources available to learn it easily including online ebooks, online video lectures, and many free online courses.

But if anyone wants to learn Python in more of old fashion then there are many free online books available as well. In this article, I’ll try to cover all those resources including there audience.

Why Learn Python?

Before starting you should ask a question to yourself, why you wanna learn python. Here I am going to mentioned some of the compelling reasons to learn Python Programming Language:

  • First and foremost Developers with python skills are in high demand.
  • You should choose Python as your primary language if you want to go into Data Science.
  • Python Language is highly versatile. You can use python for Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, scripting and there are many more use case of python.
  • If you want to get started with programming then Python is the best language to start with. It has simple syntax as compare to other languages. You can learn it easily and increase your overall productivity.

So here are Best 8 Free Resources to learn python:

1. Python for Everybody

This is one of the best book available to learn python programming language. It has been written by a university professor. If you are very new to programming to and don’t have any of the programming experience then you can start with this book. This book covers all the basic concepts of python like basic syntax, OOPs etc.

2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

This is another great book to start learning Python programming language. This book also considers you don’t have any prior programming experience. The most important feature about this book is after giving you detail about basic concepts about python it will make you deep dive into the practical use of python. In this book, you will learn great skills like web page scraping.

3. Learn with Python

This book also considers you don’t have any prior programming language experience. This book covers advanced concepts like Object Oriented Programming also will basic concepts of Python. Here you’ll also learn about data structures like Trees, Linked Lists, and Queues.

4. Learn Python the Hard Way

If you want to learn python by doing exercises then this book is just for you. Here every chapter is like a series of programming exercises.

5. Google’s Python Class

Originally this class contains all concepts with Python 2.0 but many of the concepts are still applicable to python 3.0 and you can learn. These lectures are taught by Google Employees who are highly skilled at programming.

6. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!

In this book you’ll learn how to install Python in your system. Here you will learn many cool concepts like how to setup Virtual Environment to work on a particular project, Coding styles and many more.

7. A Byte of Python

This is another open source book you can start with no programming experience. All basic concepts and core features are explained here in this book clearly. In this book use standard libraries is also explained well.

8. Dive Into Python 3

Last but not the least, Dive Into Python 3 is also worth taking to learn Python programming language. This book covers all advanced concepts like closures, generators, iterators, comprehensions, etc. You should take this if you want to learn some advanced concepts along with covering all basics of Python.

I hope you’ll find all these resources useful!! Please give your suggestions and feedback in comment section!!

Thank You!! Happy Learning!!

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